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Protect Your Home with New Soffit, Fascia, and Eavestroughs in Port Perry, Uxbridge, Lindsay, and Surrounding Areas

Protecting your home from the elements means you won’t have to worry about costly repairs down the line. Ensuring you have high-quality soffit and fascia, plus reliable eavestroughs, means less water damage to the vulnerable areas of your house.


Allen’s Siding Products Limited are the experts in supplying high-quality soffit, fascia, and eavestroughs for homeowners in Port Perry, Uxbridge, Lindsay, and the surrounding areas. Aluminum soffit and fascia from Gentek offers crisp and clean lines and a touch of refinement to your home while ensuring protection from the elements.


Meanwhile, Gentek’s eavestroughs are manufactured for maximum effectiveness and long-lasting durability. They are available in 5-inch or 6-inch sizes and many can be colour-matched seamlessly to your home.

Allenssiding products new eavestrough

Leaf Guards

Avoid the nasty buildup of fallen leaves and other detritus in your gutters with leaf guards! It makes cleaning a lot easier and means no clogged drain pipes. We are able to install leaf guards into existing gutter systems or we can install them at the same time as putting in a new eavestrough.


To request a quote, please give us a call or visit us at our showroom today.

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In Business Since 1969

Allen’s Siding Products Limited has been installing doors, windows, siding, and more in Port Perry, Uxbridge, Lindsay, and surrounding areas for more than 50 years!

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